Course Description

Python training certification course will help you to understand the high-level, general-purpose dynamic programming language. In this Python training course, you will be exposed to both the basic and advanced concepts of Python like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Hadoop streaming and MapReduce in Python, and you will work with packages like Scikit and SciPy.

Course Content

Module 01 - Python Environment Setup and Essentials

1.1 Introduction to Python Language
1.2 Features, the advantages of Python over other programming languages
1.3 Python installation – Windows, Mac & Linux distribution for Anaconda Python
1.4 Deploying Python IDE
1.5 Basic Python commands, data types, variables, keywords and more

Module 02 - Python language Basic Constructs

2.1 Built-in data types in Python
2.2 Learn  classes, modules, Str(String), Ellipsis Object, Null Object, Ellipsis, Debug
2.3 Basic operators, comparison, arithmetic, slicing and slice operator, logical, bitwise
2.4 Loop and control statements while, for, if, break, else, continue.

Module 03 - OOP concepts in Python

3.1 How to write OOP concepts program in Python
3.2 Connecting to a database
3.3 Classes and objects in Python
3.4 OOPs paradigm, important concepts in OOP like polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation
3.5 Python functions, return types and parameters
3.6 Lambda expressions

Module 04 - Database connection

4.1 Understanding the Database, need of database
4.2 Installing MySQL on windows
4.3 Understanding Database connection using Python.

Module 05 - NumPy for mathematical computing

5.1 Introduction to arrays and matrices
5.2 Broadcasting of array math, indexing of array
5.3 Standard deviation, conditional probability, correlation and covariance.

Module 06 - SciPy for scientific computing

6.1 Introduction to SciPy
6.2 Functions building on top of NumPy, cluster, linalg, signal, optimize, integrate, subpackages, SciPy with Bayes Theorem.

Module 07 - Matplotlib for data visualization

7.1 How to plot graph and chart with Python
7.2 Various aspects of line, scatter, bar, histogram, 3D, the API of MatPlotLib, subplots.

Module 08 - Pandas for data analysis and machine learning

8.1 Introduction to Python dataframes
8.2 Importing data from JSON, CSV, Excel, SQL database, NumPy array to dataframe
8.3 Various data operations like selecting, filtering, sorting, viewing, joining, combining

Module 09 - Exception Handling

9.1 Introduction to Exception Handling
9.2 Scenarios in Exception Handling with its execution
9.3 Arithmetic exception
9.4 RAISE of Exception
9.5 What is Random List, running a Random list on Jupyter Notebook
9.6 Value Error in Exception Handling.

Module 10 - Multi Threading & Race Condition

10.1 Introduction to Thread, need of threads
10.2 What are thread functions
10.3 Performing various operations on thread like joining a thread, starting a thread, enumeration in a thread
10.4 Creating a Multithread, finishing the multithreads.
10.5 Understanding Race Condition, lock and Synchronization.

Module 11 - Packages and Functions

11.1 Intro to modules in Python, need of modules
11.2 How to import modules in python
11.3 Locating a module, namespace and scoping
11.4 Arithmetic operations on Modules using a function
11.5 Intro to Search path, Global and local functions, filter functions
11.6 Python Packages, import in packages, various ways of accessing the packages
11.7 Decorators, Pointer assignments, and Xldr.

Module 12 - Web scraping with Python

12.1 Introduction to web scraping in Python
12.2 Installing of beautifulsoup
12.3 Installing Python parser lxml
12.4 Various web scraping libraries, beautifulsoup, Scrapy Python packages
12.5 Creating soup object with input HTML
12.6 Searching of tree, full or partial parsing, output print

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Aakansha Rohilla

Well Organised

This is a very well organized online teaching technology, skill building course. Fun course with enthusiastic tutors. The interactivity is great. Learn alot throughout the course!


Mansi Mishra

Greatt course

I never preferred online course ever before, this was my first online course, that too on SparkAcademy. And it made me feel proud on my this decision. You guys provide such a perfect training, amazing explanation. Great course, really!!!


Arun Bansal

Great content

I really enjoyed the course, each and every session made the course more and more interesting and engaging. Recommend this course to anyone that needs to engage in online learning on Python programming


Aamir Ali

Loved this course

First of all, it's a great honor to be part of this special course. I learned a lot, really! And enjoyed this course soo much. Maybe I took the assignment too seriously and put a lot of effort on them but that only shows how engaging this course is. I'd like to thank SparkAcademy, the trainer.


Sonam Chaudhary

Good training

This is the first online course I've ever joined, and got such a great experience in first time itself. I am mesmerised by training provided here at SparkAcademy.


Varun Kaushik

Best Trainer and good course

My trainer has been the best trainer throughout the session. He took ample time to explain the course content and ensured that the class understands the concepts. He's undoubtedly one of the best in the industry. I'm delighted to have attended his sessions.


Dhokha Thakrey

Great Course

This is one of the best courses I've taken on SparkAcademy. The Python Programming course is well aligned with Standards and aligned to give value to start coding any Enterprise application. Kudos, I got the Job after few weeks of the course.


Pranav Yadav

Informative Course

The course was very informative and interactive, and the content was comprehensive and elaborate. My trainer was very knowledgeable and answered all our queries too.


Vishal Bhardwaj

Amazing Course

The training was absolutely good. I like the quality of information in the course, the knowledge expertise of the trainer, interactive sessions and the practical sessions.


Garima Sharma

Well-constructed with great instructors

SparkAcaemy trainers are well versed with concepts and well constructed, concise and to the point. What I found more interesting that Instructor do not mind repeating the exaplaination of concepts again if requested in another Session. Great Instructors and highly professional coordination on the Online Class sessions.

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    Course Features

    • Python Basic Constructs
    • Exception Handling
    • Matplotlib
    • OOPS in Python
    • Multi-threading
    • Python for Apache Spark
    • Pandas NumPy & SciPy
    • Web Scraping
    • Packages & functions
    • Database Connections

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