Course Description

This Statistics course for Data Science is created to make you proficient in this domain by teaching you the core concepts and techniques in this domain, such as standard deviation, data visualization, binomial distribution, normal distribution, etc.

Course Content

Module 1: Descriptive Statistics and Bayes Theorem

1.1 Descriptive statistics basics
1.2 Mean, median, and mode
1.3 Standard deviation
1.4 Use of the central tendency measures
1.5 Bayes Theorem

Module 2: Data Visualisation

2.1 Types of visualization

2.2 Calculation and interpretation of graphs, plot, and measures

Module 3: Probability Distributions

3.1 Basics of probability distributions

3.2 Poisson probability function

3.3 Binomial distribution

3.4 Normal distribution

3.5 Probability distribution applications

Module 4: Hypothesis testing

4.1 Tests to deal with data and their relationships

4.2 Assumptions taken in the tests

4.3 Language while interpreting the outcome of hypothesis tests

Module 5: Regression Analysis

5.1 Use of Python for regression analysis

5.2 Test relationships and differences in sample means

5.3 Interpret the results of these tests


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Omkar Sahu

Great Content

Great course giving very good basics also. The questions were also challenging and ensured that we go through the content in earnest. I learned here a lot.


Vikas Sharma

Interesting Course

It was a challenging but interesting course overall!! Recommended for anyone who wants to dive in Data Science. wonderfully whole course is designed


Charu Grover

Great Course

Good details on concepts. Revised it multiple times. Interesting course and training is also engaging. Recommendable!!


Riya Sharma

Fantastic Course

This course was fantastic! Content wise course is great. I really appreciate taking part in it! Be careful in learning on some topics you might face difficulty but trainer will surely help you to sort all.


Priya Pandey

Excellent training

Excellent Faculty, Clear and concise. The material covered is current and concepts are illustrated with clear examples. SparkAcademy team provides us perfect training


Khushbu Yuduvanshi

Nice Course

It really taught me a lot. Must take if you really want to learn Data Science statistics. Liked the course very much. Nicely the topics were covered throughout the training.


Kamal Papnai

Great training

Thank you for starting this exceptional course and with such amazing content material. SparkAcademy provides perfect training,I appreciate efforts you guys put in the training!


Vishal Jaiswal

Conceptual course

Exceptional Course - well worth the effort! I come back to the course everytime I need a refresher. It made understand all the concepts with detail.


Tanvi Bansal

Great learning

Engaging hands on course. Important to stay focused, you will learn a lot. I really Enjoyed the course.


Simran Yadav

Well structured

This course is well structured and the assignments and questions are challenging enough to master the concepts. I found that the Course Material is highly relevant. Training provided also Good.

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    Course Features

    • Descriptive statistics
    • Bayes theorem
    • Data visualization
    • Probability distribution
    • Types of distribution
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Regression analysis

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