Course Description

In this Power BI training course, you will master key concepts like Power BI Desktop, Power BI DAX and Power BI Q&A packs to name a few, with industry use cases. This Power BI training is instructor-led & ensures that you master key concepts using hands-on demonstrations. 

By the time you finish this course, you will learn how will learn how to extract, transform and use the query editor, model data and manage relationships and leverage Power BI to easily build reports and dashboards with interactive visualizations.

Course Content

Module 1 - Introduction to Power BI

1.1 Introduction to Microsoft Power BI
1.2 The key features of Power BI workflow
1.3 Desktop application
1.4 BI service
1.5 File data sources
1.6 Sourcing data from web (OData, Azure)
1.7 Building dashboard
1.8 Data visualization
1.9 Publishing to cloud
1.10 DAX data computation
1.11 Row context
1.12 Filter context
1.13 Analytics Pane
1.14 Creating columns and measures
1.15 Data drill down and drill up
1.16 Creating tables
1.17 Binned tables
1.18 Data modeling and relationships
1.19 The Power BI components like Power View, Map, Query, Pivot
1.20 Power Q & A
1.21 Understanding advanced visualization

Module 2 - Extracting Data

2.1 Learning about Power Query for self-service ETL functionalities
2.2 Introduction to data mashup
2.3 Working with Excel data
2.4 Learning about Power BI Personal Gateway
2.5 Extracting data from files, folders and databases
2.6 Working with Azure SQL database and database source
2.7 Connecting to Analysis Services
2.8 SaaS functionalities of Power BI

Module 3 - Power Query for Data Transformation

3.1 Installing Power BI
3.2 The various requirements and configuration settings
3.3 The Power Query
3.4 Introduction to Query Editor
3.5 Data transformation – column, row, text, data type, adding & filling columns and number column, column formatting, transpose table, appending, splitting, formatting data, Pivot and UnPivot, Merge Join, relational operators, date, time calculations, working with M functions, lists, records, tables, data types, and generators
3.6 Filters & Slicers
3.7 Index and Conditional Columns
3.8 Summary Tables
3.9 Writing custom functions and error handling
3.10 M advanced data transformations

Module 4 - Power Pivot for Data Modeling and Data Analysis Expression - DAX Queries

4.1 Introduction to Power Pivot
4.2 Learning about the xVelocity engine
4.3 Advantages of Power Pivot
4.4 Various versions and relationships
4.5 Strongly typed datasets
4.6 Data Analysis Expressions
4.7 Measures, Calculated Members, Row, Filter & Evaluation Context, Context Interactions, Context over Relations, Schema Relations
4.8 Learning about Table, Information, Logical, Text, Iterator, Table, and Time Intelligence Functions
4.9 Cumulative Charts, Calculated Tables, ranking and rank over groups
4.10 Power Pivot advanced functionalities
4.11 Date and time functions
4.12 DAX advanced features
4.13 Embedding Power Pivot in Power BI Desktop

Module 5 - Data Visualization with Analytics

5.1 Deep dive into Power BI data visualization
5.2 Understanding Power View and Power Map
5.3 Power BI Desktop visualization
5.4 Formatting and customizing visuals
5.5 Visualization interaction
5.6 SandDance visualization
5.7 Deploying Power View on SharePoint and Excel
5.8 Top down and bottom up analytics
5.9 Comparing volume and value-based analytics
5.10 Working with Power View to create Reports, Charts, Scorecards, and other visually rich formats
5.11 Categorizing, filtering and sorting data using Power View
5.12 Hierarchies
5.13 Mastering the best practices
5.14 Custom Visualization
5.15 Authenticate a Power BI web application
5.16 Embedding dashboards in applications

Module 6 - Power Q & A

6.1 Introduction to Power Q & A
6.2 Intuitive tool to answer tough queries using natural language
6.3 Getting answers in the form of charts, graphs and data discovery methodologies
6.4 Ad hoc analytics building
6.5 Power Q & A best practices

Module 7 - Power BI Desktop & Administration

7.1 Getting to understand the Power BI Desktop
7.2 Aggregating data from multiple data sources
7.3 How Power Query works in Power BI Desktop environment
7.4 Learning about data modeling and data relationships
7.5 Deploying data gateways
7.6 Scheduling data refresh
7.7 Managing groups and row level security, datasets, reports and dashboards
7.8 Working with calculated measures
7.9 Power Pivot on Power BI Desktop ecosystem
7.10 Mastering data visualization
7.11 Power View on Power BI Desktop
7.12 Creating real world solutions using Power BI

Module 8 - Microsoft Course

8.1 Analyzing Data with Power BI

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Vartika Jain

Great training and good trainer

It was a very good experience for me. I have learnt a lot from this course. Not only about Power BI of which I had no basic idea, but also I was really introduced to Business Intelligence. Now that I've finished it, I feel more confident in my competences in Power BI


Indu Sharma

Great course

It's really a very smart way of 'up and running' with business intelligence. Very concise and straight to the point. Trainer is amazing, Thanks, I will check out some more of your courses.


Mani Taragi

Good training

The course was quite good in terms of explanation of concepts and then demos. Good Job for start diving in the PowerBI world! It's really easy follow the lessons along with the teacher as the explanation are very clear, focused on specific topic and nothing is left to chance. Moreover hands-on projects are always the best choices for courses. Thank you SparkAcademyfor this marvelous course.


Ankur Deshwal

Excellent Training

The course was great and was at a good pace. The lectures were easy to understand and the instructors. always made sure you got the full benefit of the course. Definitely worth the while! excellent course!


Vivek Ojha


Great course. Excellent instructor. The several assignments provided in the course have impacted my knowledge of PowerBI in a very short timespan. Highly recommended. Very well structured and conducted course.


Rahul Tripathi

Good course

Really love the course. It is detailed explaining everything in PowerBI and I learned a lot from it. However a very good course and I totally recommend!


Vaishali Jha

Perfect course

This course was the right match for me. It introduced me to Power BI and the instructor is very knowledgeable and love his illustrations. It helped me solve a challenge I had at work. I am grateful for this course. After this course I look at data sets differently.


Jyoti Raghav

Amazing training

Great value. I’m an Excel user that started at zero with Power BI, and I’m now up and running with this really powerful tool. Amazing Course!!!!


Nidhi Singh

Clear Concepts

This is the best course on Power BI I have encountered! All concept are explained in great detail and I am happy to say I have got a job thanks to this course.


Tarun Rajput

Good Course

Great course very informative . I will be looking for more courses from this professor to continue my education. . I totally recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Power BI or Business Inteligence.

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    Course Features

    • Connecting to data
    • Transforming data
    • Creating a data model
    • Working with DAX
    • Visualizing data
    • Power BI cloud
    • Building line graphs, bar charts, and dashboard

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