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Snowflake is cloud based data warehouse and analytical tool. With so many SAAS based Data warehouse applications available currently that are competing against one another, Snowflake stands out among the crowd for it uniqueness in design and approach. Snowflake works on an application that is faster and easier to handle. Unlike other data warehouse systems Snowflake is not built on Big data platforms rather it works on new SQL engine that is best suited for cloud. Having one of the best ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) complaint solutions.

Course Content

Module 1: Cloud Data Warehousing

  • 1. Data warehousing: past to present
  • 2. Understanding the benefits of a cloud data warehouse
  • 3. Recognizing where cloud data warehousing fits in todays economy

Module 2: Why the Modern Data Warehouse Emerged

  • 1. Adapting to increasing demands for data access and analytics
  • 2. Adjusting to how data is created and used today
  • 3. Tackling the challenges with new and improved technologies

Module 3: Selecting A Modern Data Warehouse

  • 1. Choosing the right data warehouse solution
  • 2. Getting a high performance-to-price ratio
  • 3. Making data security and protection a priority

Module 4: Comparing Cloud Data Warehouse Solutions

  • 1. Evaluating differences between cloud data warehouse options
  • 2. Considering factors that affect performance
  • 3. Choosing a solution that ensures data protection and security
  • 4. Gauging your savings in administrative costs
  • 5. Listing your data warehouse needs and success criteria
  • 6. Considering all factors in the total cost of ownership
  • 7. Taking your data warehouse for a test drive before you buy

Module 5: Introduction and Connecting To Snowflake

  • 1. Downloading / Integrating the JDBC Driver
  • 2. Configuring and Using the JDBC Driver
  • 3. JDBC Driver Diagnostic Service
  • 4. ODBC Driver
  • 5. Downloading the ODBC Driver
  • 6. Installing and Configuring the ODBC Driver for Windows
  • 7. ODBC Configuration and Connection Parameters
  • 8. ODBC Driver API Support
  • 9. ODBC Driver Diagnostic Service
  • 10. Client Considerations
  • 11. Diagnosing Common Connectivity Issues

Module 6: Loading / Unloading Data Into/From Snowflake

  • 1. Overview of Data Loading/Unloading
  • 2. Data Loading/Unloading Considerations
  • 3. Preparing to Load/Unload Data
  • 4. Bulk Loading/Unloading from a Local File System
  • 5. Bulk Loading/Unloading from Amazon S3
  • 6. Bulk Loading /Unloading from Microsoft Azure
  • 7. Loading Continuously Using Snowpipe
  • 8. Loading Using the Web Interface (Limited)
  • 9. Querying Data in Staged Files
  • 10. Querying Metadata for Staged Files
  • 11. Transforming Data During a Load

Module 7: Using and Sharing Data In Snowflake

  • 1. Using the Web Interface
  • 2. Virtual Warehouses
  • 3. Databases, Tables & Views
  • 4. Queries
  • 5. Date & Time Data
  • 6. Semi-structured Data
  • 7. Binary Data
  • 8. Snowflake Time Travel & Fail-safe
  • 9. Introduction to Data Sharing
  • 10. Data Providers
  • 11. Getting Started with Data Sharing
  • 12. Working with Shares
  • 13. Using Secure Objects to Control Data Access
  • 14. Managing Reader Accounts
  • 15. Configuring a Reader Account
  • 16. Data Consumers

Module 8: Managing Your Snowflake Account

  • 1. System Usage & Billing
  • 2. Understanding Snowflake Credit and Storage Usage
  • 3. Understanding Snowflake Data Transfer Billing
  • 4. Monitoring Account-level Credit and Storage Usage
  • 5. Working with Resource Monitors
  • 6. Parameter Management
  • 7. User Management

Module 9: Customer Concepts

  • 1. Informatica Cloud Services and Snowflake Integration
  • 2. Introduction to Snowflake Connector
  • 3. Snowflake Connector Task and Object Types
  • 4. Informatica Cloud Hosted Agent
  • 5. Snowflake Connections
  • 6. Snowflake Connection Properties
  • 7. Mappings and Mapping Configuration Tasks with Snowflake Connector
  • 8. Snowflake Objects in Mappings
  • 9. Pushdown Optimization
  • 10. Snowflake Sources in Mappings
  • 11. Key Range Partitioning
  • 12. Snowflake Targets in Mappings
  • 13. Snowflake Lookups in Mappings
  • 14. Rules and Guidelines for Snowflake objects

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Preeti Sehrawat

Amazing course

The course is good and helped me identify the weak areas and work upon. Explanations for each answers were useful and you have done a fantabulous job in creating this course!! Appreciate it !!!!


Aditi Singh Rathore

Great training

Thank you SparkAcademy for this certification training. Trainer's knowledge and explanation was remarkable. Keep up the good work and happy learning to all.


Neeraj Solanki

Amazing training beneficial course

Great work done by you guys, I hope many people are being benefited by your course. It's not only me, but my other colleagues who referred this course also mentioned the same feedback to me. Really i am feeling great to be part of the learning. Many more to come!! :)


Vrinda Arora

Great Training Provided

Super, fantabulous course for certification preparation, i feel great to join SparkAcademy. I have passed my exam with 96 score. A big thank you to the instructor.


Namra Alam

Amazing training

This course is absolute bliss. It is really amazing, very useful to learn here. And this course is great and helped me to clear the exam in the first attempt. :-).


Manjeet Rana

Great course

Great Training I have experienced here. The course made me a lot smarter about Snowflake. Good Course . Keep coming up with good content.


Prachi Pal

This course is one of the best I had ever seen. The explanation of the questions in details are the best part of it. The explanations not only provides the right answers to that specific question, but also provides additional learning. Just loved it!!


Deepesh Phalke

Good Training

TRaining at SparkAcademy is really good. The questions are tough and the answers are incredibly detailed - this is really helping me understand and building up my knowledge. It is useful to me to join here.


Aditi Kudav

Amazing course

This course is Awesome. I would suggest everyone to buy this course for the snowflake training. Almost he covered all the topics and similar questions you can expect.


Aashna Bhutani

Good Course

This was a fantastic course. I passed my exam and this certification course was the reason why. The questions are comprehensive and learning is great.

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