Top 7 Job Roles in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence career opportunities have risen exponentially over the past several years. They have increased due to surging demand in multiple industries and companies adopting AI. A career in AI can be called the most promising and beneficial than other career or job specialization. 

Due to this demand, tons of Employers constantly need AI talent to fulfill their company’s technical requirements. But employers seek skilled workers for their requirements, so AI enthusiasts need to gain the necessary technical skills and experience to apply for jobs in AI. 

As there are different job titles with various skills required, people get confused as to which kind of jobs are available in AI with the necessary skill sets.

So We Have Listed Out The Top 7 Career Options For Artificial Intelligence


1. Machine learning engineer

Machine learning engineers are famously known as highly technical and advanced programmers who build and create sophisticated artificial intelligence systems that can themselves learn from existing as well as not so defined data sets and then apply their learning effectively. These are the experts who usually work with very large data sets and perform advanced coding. These well-qualified professionals work with extraordinarily vast data sets and perform advanced programming. This job role requires professionals to have extraordinary data management skills and exceptional data management skills as well as the capability to conduct complex modeling on dynamic data sets.


2. AI Data Analyst

The central tasks of an AI data analyst are to carry out data mining, data mining, and data interpretation. Cleaning the data means the collection of requisite data to perform data interpretation. Here the useless data is sorted and removed so that the actual required data is utilized for the data interpretation process. 

With the assistance of various statistical methods and tools, conclusions are created with the help of data by the AI data analyst. 

A complete understanding of regression and excellent working knowledge and efficiency of MS Excel is required to apply for this job. AI Data analysts will be in demand in the coming years. 


3. Data Scientist

This job is famously known as the sexist job of the 21st century. The major responsibilities of Data Scientists focus on the Identification of all the relevant valuable data sources and complete automation of collection processes; Pledging the preprocessing of structured and unstructured data; Deep analysis of large amounts of data to uncover trends and patterns from raw information. They closely work with other main business stakeholders to acknowledge their ultimate goals and regulate how the data can be utilized to accomplish their goals. Data scientists need to consistently interact with the senior managers, so they should possess good communication skills. They require analytical abilities that should be outstanding. These clever professionals need to have a working knowledge of programming languages like Python, Scala, or SQL as well as modern tools like Spark, Hadoop, Pig, and/or Hive.


4. Robotics Scientist

Due to the emergence of the Robotics/ AI field, jobs in this field will constantly rise in the near future. As all the major industries move towards automation and AI adoption, robotics scientists will dominate in all large corporations.

A person with a master’s degree in robotics can easily climb up the ladder in this extremely technological domain. Getting a job in this field requires you to have a master’s qualification in Robotics, computer science or technology, and engineering. Salaries are extremely high in this job profile. Logical and deep technological innovations are necessary to progress in this domain.


5. Computer Vision Engineer

Computer vision tech can be easily defined as an interdisciplinary domain of science focusing on the process of the detailed working of computers that can certainly be programmed to attain a deep and increased level of consideration with the help of processing all of the digital videos and images. Based on a practical engineering outlook, computer vision technology directs computers to “see” the world around their surroundings and to create deep logic of what they “see”. By using common and simple image processing as well as to object recognition, computer vision needs enormous data sets to teach computer systems to smartly interpret visual images. These high-tech professionals need to have the essential expertise in multiple programming languages, deep learning including different computer vision software.


6. AI Engineer

AI engineers are critical problem-solvers who build, test, and apply various models of Artificial Intelligence. They constructively handle AI infrastructure. They meaningfully exploit machine learning algorithms and understand the basics of neural networks to develop multifaceted useful AI applications.

These models are helpful in getting business insights ultimately helping different sets of companies to make relative and effective business decisions. Different kinds of certifications on ML or data science add up to the advantage. Languages such as Python, R or C++, are necessary. 


7. Algorithm Developer

Algorithms run our world. Algorithms are famously known as computer programs that focus on Google results, they are the structures that suggest recommendations on global apps like Uber, Netflix, etc meanwhile executing these huge programs in microseconds. 

Detailed step-by-step procedures for algorithms, calculations, that are the base for multiple computer programs that exist. So, the specific skills of an algorithm engineer are the key to keep running all the services and products that we use every day In our ever-growing innovative world. These professionals are highly sought after with exceptionally high salaries. 



If you are planning to develop your career in AI, then don’t keep thinking just enroll in an Artificial Intelligence course to begin your career in this ultimate technical domain of computer science that is taking over the world.