Top 8 Data Science Projects

Data Science is a technique that helps to solve real-life problems by using the raw information or inputs in the form of relevant data information. These data science techniques help to detect major frauds, predict the overall market sales of businesses, climate change indicators and even predict the possibility of heart disease for a person. The major rise in the utilization of Artificial intelligence in the present day of human existence has noticed an amplified demand for data science, and the central role of data scientists has become more critical. This has put forward an elevated demand for data scientists globally. 


Companies use the skills of data scientists to estimate the growth of the product in the future, project sales and revenues, customer behavior, medical issues of patients, and predicting the diseases that may occur. 


If you are a data science enthusiast or a practitioner or have just started your data science learning journey, here are some of the best data science projects to practice and develop your analytical skills.


Best Data Science Projects


  1. Parkinson’s Disease Detection


Parkinson's disease is an old age disease where a person loses total control over his/her body parts. Medically it is known as a neurodegenerative and progressive disorder focused on the central nervous system of anybody that attacks the regular basic movements of the body parts leading to tremors. 


Data science techniques can be used to detect Parkinson's disease as soon as it is detected and can be made under control by checking out the signs and symptoms of the disease. This way, a particular improvement in the complete health services can be provided to the patient. With the help of early prediction of Parkinson’s disease, through the effective use of Data Science tools and techniques. Another major way can be the usage of Python language for the data science project where the patient’s condition can be tested who are prone or vulnerable to the Parkinsons’ disease. 


Source Code - Detecting Parkinson’s Disease with XGBoost

Package - UCI ML Parkinson's Disease


  1. Web Scraping - Food Review Website


A very important and crucial project for your resume will be Scraping reviews from a food delivery website. The task is to simply develop a web scraper to accumulate the complete review data from all the site’s web pages and, commonly, store it in a data frame. To make this project data a step forward, you always have the option to collect the data and build a sentiment analysis model and then maybe you can classify which of these reviews are negative or positive accordingly. The sentiment analysis is commonly known as a method to analyze all the opinions of people on a particular product and service or any other certain decision that may be helpful for the company.


Language - Python


3.Sentiment Analysis


This analysis is similar to the scraping food delivery project. It is mainly used by today’s new-gen companies to fully test their preference and affability of their services and products in the market


This test is useful in taking the company decisions of the company based on user’s preference data. In addition to the negative and positive responses, there are more options such as Very Happy, Happy, No Answer, Sad, Angry, Insufficient, etc. This data science-related project utilizes the R language that helps in the placement of the relevant inputs for analyzing them to gain the necessary data for research work.  


This use of the latest and most useful dataset by the JaneaustenR package can be extremely helpful here. Bing, AFINN, Loughran, and other general-purpose lexicons can be made with ease.


Language - R 

Source code: Sentiment Analysis Project in R


4.Credit Card Fraud Detect


Credit Cards are widely used nowadays. Most people have at least a single credit card with many carrying multiple credit cards from different banks. In fact, in certain regions, most transactions are carried out only by credit cards. Due to this high credit card usage, credit frauds have also increased. Financial institutions are quickly coming to the rescue and offering security for credit card users, fraudsters find new ways to trick the system regularly. Here, data science projects can be very useful to detect sophisticated credit card frauds and prevent them. Here in the project, you can utilize “R language” together with algorithms like Artificial Neural Networks, Decision Trees, ANN, and/or Logistic Regression. Utilization of a dataset of car transactions is also necessary to categorize the credit card transaction whether it is genuine or fraudulent. Different types of additional models and planning of performance curves can easily be developed in this Data Science Project.


Source Code - Credit Card Fraud Detection using Machine Learning

Language - R Programming


5. Breast Cancer Classification And Detection


If you have a keen interest in developing or making a career in the Medical Development industry then you should take up a medical data science project. The most well-known data Science Project is the classification of Breast Cancer with the use of Python. The present-day era has seen high cases of breast cancer rates. This breast cancer disease occurrence has hugely multiplied in the last few decades and the only major effective method to overcome this health problem is early detection and prevention. Here, with the assistance of the IDC-Regular Dataset, enthusiasts can precisely build a Data Science Project that will help in the detection of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma or IDC presence in the female chest, known as the most common form of breast cancer. The use of Keras including the Deep Learning library is the best way for the classification of breast cancer.


Source Code: Breast Cancer Classification with Deep Learning

Language: Python


6.Movie Recommendation


Movie recommendations are generally based on the inputs received from the viewers who have initially watched the movie. Their response is strongly used to recognize the movie as interesting, boring, exciting, funny, or even the Worst rated one. Also, the box office performance of any movie will sufficiently guide the observers to understand the sales numbers to get a simple idea of the response any movie has generated in the initial days of the movie release. 

To develop this kind of Data Science Project that is used for recommending movies, the assistance of R Language to work in any recommendation of movies utilizing a machine learning process. This machine learning program will constantly send out suggestions to the viewers employing a filtering process that is dependent on the selection preferences of some other users who have watched the movie already. Browsing history can be tactfully used to get the attention and craze of that particular movie. 


MovieLens Data Set

Language - Python


7. Fake News Recognition


Fake news is a growing epidemic worldwide. So it's necessary to develop a system and detect fake news. Data science will help with the recognition of fake news detection. To help discard these dangerous fake news and entries a clever data science project is the need of the hour.


These kinds of fake news defame and destroy the reputations of their target. This can be extremely harmful. A data science project using Python can be made to detect fake news in which a model will be created that will help to accurately predict if any particular news is real or fake. You need to develop a TfidfVectorizer and utilize a PassiveAggressiveClassifier to perform news analysis for checking if it’s "Real" or "Fake". With the help of JupyterLab in this case you can easily with the dataset 7796*4. This will be highly effective.


Language _ Python

Package - News.CSV


8 . Chatbots


Chatbots surely play an important role in any business that is online. They are very helpful in providing improved, accurate, and personalized help to users and assist companies in saving manpower and costs simultaneously.  

A chatbot can be effectively trained to utilize deep learning techniques and using a huge dataset with a broad list of vocabulary, an exclusive list of common sentences, their central intentions, and their appropriate responses. The most common way or methodology to train chatbots is to use Recurring Neural Networks or commonly known as RNN. The bot here in focus consists of an encoder that regularly updates its state according to the input sentence in addition to the intent and passes the state to the bot. Finally, The bot largely uses the decoder to find appropriate and perfect answers according to the words and the logical intent behind them. Python is the best way to implement a chatbot.


Source Code - https://dzone.com/articles/python-chatbot-project-build-your-first-python-pro

Language - Python


The usage of computer vision can be extremely helpful to make this project completely operational and highly efficient. USage of files like .caffemodel, .pb, .prototxt, and .pbtxt is recommended to move ahead with good results on this project of data science.


Package - ADIENCE

Language - Python


Final Thoughts


Here we have shared with our readers a great list of all the trending data science project ideas. There are multiple benefits of developing these real-time projects for learners and practitioners of data science. These projects will help you enhance your technical skills and later take up some of the most sophisticated and advanced projects in the future. We hope that you will improve your overall skills of data science with these project ideas but if you are a beginner or professional who just wants to brush up their data science skills then you can enroll in our online Advanced Data Science Program. This course is taught by expert professionals with greater practical training methods.